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What makes Aurora Remedy Different …

We blend fourteen organic, wild-crafted, therapeutic essential oils to create a topical remedy that reduces inflammation, increases blood flow, and kills harmful bacteria, viruses, and fungi that colonize blood-deficient joints. Mixed by hand in small batches, each oil is incorporated one at a time in a specific order to achieve a synergy found in no other formulation.

Shea butter and emu oil carry this unique blend of essences deep into the joint, muscle and bloodstream, rounding out a transdermal healing balm that penetrates to the source of the problem.

We use only Miron Violettglas jars for our product. If stored in its original jar, Aurora Remedy will never expire, just like the legendary Phoenix, although we encourage you to use it twice a day to relieve your symptoms. 

The wisdom of this carefully chosen container reaches back to the ancient Egyptians, who used violet glass to preserve and improve their healing oils. Violet glass is both nurturing and protective. It blocks frequencies of light that cause decay in organic substances, and it allows in three parts of the light spectrum (visible violet, ultraviolet, and far infrared) whose synergy increases the vitality of whatever the jar holds.

The gift of this precious jar can extend long after you’ve emptied it: use it to keep and enhance the quality of herbs, spices, supplements, garden seeds, oils—anything!

For easiest use, keep Aurora Remedy in a cool place. If too warm, it becomes liquid and easily spills.

Our Story

Aurora Remedy is named in honor of Jo Barnett’s dear friend, Aurora Bedolla who passed away in 2008 at the young age of 41. Aurora played an important role in Jo’s journey as a holistic health practitioner.

Many years ago, as Jo explored her gifts as a massage therapist, her training expanded to include myofascial release and aromatherapy. One day, Aurora asked Jo to formulate a remedy for a friend’s osteoarthritis in her hands. Jo did extensive research, found the oils that she felt addressed the issue, and letting her intuition lead, she went to work creating a remedy.

That first formulation remedied the friend’s osteoarthritis. Today, Jo still prepares the balm in exactly the same way she did that first time.

Since Jo first formulated it in 1993, Aurora Remedy has eliminated pain, stiffness, swelling, and arthritic crepitus for hundreds of people. Now, it has reached you. May it help you enjoy the things you love.